Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anniversary Love Letter to Wife

Dear Stella,

You are my whole life all this time. You have been my love all these twenty years. You are the ultimate wife and mother and best friend- the merging of perfection and love, just divine. No matter how stubborn you may be, you are simply incredible in my eyes. No matter how stubborn I can be too, in your eyes, I am your one and only who simply needs your help and love. I am but a fool not to notice, but I do know and I am aware how lucky I am to have a woman like you in my life. And I cannot put into words, I cannot express enough joy and put enough value to what you have given me all these years. You have given me so much love, so much joy, so much purpose and best yet, you have given me children I am proud of. They look so much like you when I kiss them at night and that completes me more. I am a man who is proud and happy of his family and of the unending love and sacrifice we had gone through, most of the credit goes to you. Today, please let me put unto words what I feel for you, it has been a long heartfelt journey, of so much love going through hell and back and surviving just to be together. It just proves that we were meant to see through our wedding vows, and just like what I said that day, I will love you Stella till my last breath, till the end and forever.

Happy Anniversary!


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