Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love Letter declaring Commitment and Undying Love

Write all your feelings of undying love for her with this special love letter of commitment.

Dear Kate,

Y'know when I first met you, I couldn't take my eyes off you. I was at a loss for words, but your eyes spoke volumes. I knew it then you wanted to tell me your story and I wanted to tell my story as well. It took a second just to exchange the years and experiences we've been through with just one look. When we met, my heart was already too tired to love again, but you made this bleeding heart of mine jump right out of my chest. You made it beat again. I felt the blood rush too fast, I felt alive, truly alive again. That's your touch, baby, pure magic.

My love I have loved you for so long, so don't make me stop not wanting you, not loving you would drown me in tears. I don't regret Us, being together, being one. I am bound to you heart and soul. You are my comfort in the storm, your loving arms are my true shelter. I would do anything for you, soldier on through hard battles, that's how strong my love is for you, baby.

Change may come baby, but its always been about us. Us alone. No one else. Nothing else matters in my universe, but you baby. I am truly committed and loyal and forever passionate for you.

Forever in love,

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