Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Hurt Me Love Letter

I love you but it hurts love letter... so get rid of the third wheel in your relationship.

Dear Richard,

There is so much hurt in my heart right now. There is so much pain between the anger and the tears that have not subsided ever since I heard the news. You could have told me yourself and spared me all this anguish. Why do I need to hear it from someone else? You could have at least given me some respect and told me. It would have been better to hear the truth from the one I love most. It would have been better for you to have broken my heart face to face. But doesn't matter now, does it?

Now that I know about her. What about us? What about you and me? Is there still such a thing? i have always been honest with you. I love you deeply, I am but a fool to even consider forgiving you, but my heart bleeds with hope. I must stay strong for us and I must face whatever you have to tell me no matter how painful. There is no room for three, there can only be two, just me and you. So if you truly love me, please do the right thing. End my pain by letting me know what your decision is, this cannot wait any longer. Better break my heart now in one go than let me suffer any further, the pain is horrible and excruciating, I can't wrap my mind around it. I thought I meant more to you, I am hurting so much inside.


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