Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year Love Letter

A love letter to celebrate the coming new year with your very special soulmate

Dear Helene,

It's almost New Year and I've been thinking about my soul mate, the one I met years ago who made me feel like everything's alright with the world. If I'm gonna add another year to my age, it would be better spent with the one I love most - yes, I'm raving about my soul mate again. The one who fills my heart everyday with joy and love. I'm talking about you, my darling. You make everyday special and worth living. I'm looking forward for another 12 months of excitement and adventure, drama and tears, passion and desire- everything you bring onto my life.

Cheers to us this new year and let's toast to champagne, I can't wait to count the seconds with you in my arms.


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