Thursday, July 8, 2010

The First Day We Met Love Letter

A very sweet and intimate love letter to a girlfriend describing the first day they saw each other. A perfect example of an Anniversary love letter.

Dear Sweetheart,

Do you know what day it is? It is the day we fell in love for the first time.

Let me reminisce how we first met, I remember it was a rainy day, I was waiting for my friends at the coffeeshop, they never showed up and then you walked into the room like a fresh breath of sunshine, you instantly captivated my heart. You were wearing red and no one looks best in red like you do.

I remember walking up to you, a bit shaky, my heart beating really fast and I couldn't just ask for your name. I decided to ask the barista if he could give me your name, it was then I thought, why should I let this moment pass? this is the day the girl of my dreams walks into my life, why should I just let it slip away? I summon up the courage, bought a fresh cup of mocha and offered you coffee. You paused at the sight of me, politely smiled and said, "No." But I couldn't just take know for an answer, I scrambled to pepper you with questions, find a connection. I had to keep trying. I was just lucky I guess that we liked the same kind of movies and knew some familiar people in between. I am thankful you took the chance with me and accepted my offer of coffee and chat the next day. I guess you went around asking about me- I'm lucky, ey? People only had nice things to sy about me. Our first date I would like to add was the best in a string of great dates. I love the memory of the first time we met because it took a lot out of me and kept me excited to see you and know you. No regrets! I'm glad we are still together to celebrate this particular moment. I miss you my sweet! Happy Anniversary!


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